Dieta Oy Extended Warranty Conditions


Dieta Oy provides a warranty for the new devices it sells, covering possible structural, manufacturing, and material defects. This extended warranty also applies to the same components. All remarks related to warranty issues must be made during the warranty period in writing.


Warranty Beneficiary

The warranty applies to devices sold to the first customer in Finland.


Extended Warranty Period

The extended warranty period is valid immediately after the original warranty period for an agreed-upon duration.


Warranty Coverage

The warranty covers the repair costs of damages caused by structural, manufacturing, and material defects identified by Dieta Oy during the warranty period. Dieta Oy or an authorised service provider repairs the device to operational condition.


Execution of Warranty Work

Permanently installed devices are repaired on the customer's premises on weekdays between 8:00 and 16:00. Easily transportable devices (weighing under 25 kg) must be delivered by the customer to Dieta's service center (Holkkitie 8, 00880 Helsinki) for repair at their own expense. Repaired devices can be picked up by the customer or delivered to the customer at their expense. Warranty repair work in the evenings and weekends is done at the customer's request and expense.


Limitations of Liability and Warranty

This warranty is provided under the condition that the device has been used under normal operating conditions and that the user manual has been diligently followed. Dieta Oy's liability is limited to these terms, and the warranty does not cover damages caused to persons or other property, nor indirect costs.


Excluded from the warranty are defects resulting from:

  • Device transportation
  • User negligence or overloading of the device, failure to adhere to instructions, or neglect of daily care and maintenance
  • Circumstances beyond Dieta Oy's control, such as voltage fluctuations, fires, incorrect connections, acts of vandalism, repairs performed by unauthorized service providers, maintenance, or structural changes made to the device
  • Incorrect or otherwise faulty installation or placement of the device at the usage site, contrary to installation and operating instructions.


Insignificant defects, adjustments, user guidance, and device accessories

Insignificant defects, adjustments, user guidance, and device accessories are not covered by the warranty. This includes the repair of superficial scratches that are insignificant to the device's functionality, normal adjustments specified in the user manual, user guidance visits, and cleaning procedures resulting from impurities in the customer's steam or water supply network. Also not covered are tasks arising from the neglect of warning or installation instructions or clarifications of these issues at the installation site. Parts at risk of breaking due to handling or natural wear and tear, such as indicator lights, seals, temperature sensors, and movable plastic parts, are not included in the warranty.


Actions in the Event of a Defect

In case of a defect during the warranty period, the customer must promptly notify Dieta Oy's service center. The customer should specify the device details (model, serial number), describe the nature of the defect as accurately as possible, and provide information about the conditions under which the defect occurred or is evident. Dieta Oy will determine whether the device and described defect fall within the warranty scope and provide the customer with information on the repair method and timing.