Dieta Oy General Terms and Conditions


Goods are delivered free from our stock with packaging (FCA Helsinki or FCA Vantaa), unless otherwise agreed. Orders are delivered on behalf of the customer, in the best way deemed by Dieta Oy, unless a specific delivery method has been agreed upon with the purchaser. Dieta reserves the right to change the mode of transportation. The customer must agree in writing to any changes in the delivery time at least three weeks before the agreed delivery date.



For Kaukokiito deliveries, we apply the general terms of Kaukokiito (typically applicable transport methods are Kaukokiito parcel or Kaukokiito general cargo). You can find Kaukokiito's general terms here.



For deliveries and services fulfilled by Posti, Posti's contract and product terms apply. You can find the contract and product terms here.


Summary of Posti's delivery terms can be found at the end of this delivery terms document.


Posti Transport Liability

Posti's transport liability begins when the shipment is accepted for transport and ends when the shipment is delivered to the recipient in accordance with the legislation on the carriage of goods and these conditions, the shipment is placed for the recipient's use in the agreed manner at the destination, or the shipment is returned to the sender.

Posti is responsible for the shipment being transported to the recipient's address as indicated in the transport document. The shipment is delivered against receipt to the person found at the address. 

The shipment can also be delivered without the recipient's receipt, either at the sender's or the recipient's request.


Posti Unclaimed parcel

Shipments that cannot be delivered to the recipient for reasons beyond Posti's control are returned to the sender. The transport time for the shipment is 1–3 working days depending on the connection. Unclaimed shipments are returned after the storage period. 



Shipments are insured on behalf of the customer.



The guarantee applies to raw material and manufacturing defects for products sold to the first customer in Finland. For detailed warranty terms, see: Dieta Oy Warranty Conditions.



The return of ordered products is possible if the delivery has not been in accordance with the order or the goods have been faulty, and the notice has been made within 8 days of receiving the goods. The return must always be agreed in advance with the seller or Call Center (09 755 190). For standard product returns, not due to a seller's error, a maximum of 80% is credited. The right of return applies only to stock products that are unused, in saleable condition, and in their original packaging. Project, special, outlet, or custom-made products are not eligible for return.


If a product is lost during transport, damaged, or the wrong product is delivered to the customer, the customer must report the error to or by phone on weekdays from 08:00 to 16:00 at (09) 755 190. Alternatively, the notification can also be made by filling out the complaint form. The notification must be made as soon as possible, but no later than eight (8) days after receiving the shipment.


Delivery Charges

Delivery charges are determined by delivery size categories, excluding fixed-price deliveries from the online store. The customer is responsible for delivery and return costs (excluding returns due to seller or product defects). No delivery charges will be charged for any seller-caused backorders.


Late Payment Interest

Late payment interest is according to the prevailing interest rate law.



Ownership of the traded item belongs to the seller until the full purchase price is paid.


Product Changes

We reserve the right to make changes to the product without prior notice.



Posti Delivery Methods - Summary of Posti Services


Parcel Locker Deliveries


Posti - Parcel lockers (Posti's Postipaketti service) 

Posti delivers Postipaketti parcels for pick-up at Pickup Points within the time indicated in the Delivery Time Inquiry, typically on the first business day from the drop-off day and no later than the third business day from the drop-off day. Postipaketti parcels are also delivered for pick-up at designated Pickup Points on Saturdays. The shipment is available for pick-up at the Pickup Point on the arrival day. The recipient receives an electronic arrival notification.


Doorstep Delivery

Postipaketti to the doorstep (Posti's Express package)) 

Express packages are delivered to the address provided by the sender or the Pickup Point within the time indicated in the Delivery Time Inquiry, typically on the first business day from the drop-off day and otherwise no later than the second business day from the drop-off day.

If the recipient cannot be reached, the shipment can be picked up from the Posti Pickup Point, and the recipient receives an electronic arrival notification.


Postipaketti to the doorstep at a pre-agreed time (Posti's Home Package service) 

Posti contacts the recipient within 1-2 business days of receiving the shipment and agrees on the delivery date and time range. If the recipient cannot be reached, a contact request is sent to the recipient.

If the recipient cannot be reached, the shipment can be picked up from the Posti Pickup Point, and the recipient receives an electronic arrival notification.


Installation Service

Posti - Device Installation

Device installation includes the delivery of the device to the installation site, installation to operational condition requiring permits, and the removal of packaging waste for proper recycling.

The service is available in limited areas according to the current service description. The installation work is considered to begin from the moment the device to be installed is unpacked from the transport packaging. Customer is responsible for protecting floors along the installation route as required. The customer must also ensure unobstructed access for the installation personnel to the installation site and any connection points required for the installation. Dismantling work is not included in the installation service.

In case of a complaint, please contact Dieta first, which will handle the complaint with Posti.

Complaints or service errors must be reported within 30 days of the installation date.


Transport to Recycling

During the delivery of the shipment, Posti accepts an old product from the recipient for proper recycling or disposal when delivering a new product. One new product can be ordered for transport to recycling per one corresponding product.

Additional service requirements:

  • The device to be transported to recycling must be freely available for transport, detached from all fastenings, joints, and connections.
  • There must be unobstructed access to the pickup location.
  • The customer must protect the floors as required.

Electronic Advance Notice

Posti sends advance information about the shipment to the mobile phone number or email address provided by the sender in an EDI message.


Unpacking from Transport Packaging

The shipment is unpacked next to the transport base. Packaging materials and the transport base are removed and recycled properly. The packages in the shipment must be manageable by one person in terms of weight, size, and shape while adhering to occupational safety.